The programme of the conference will consist of plenary sessions with keynote speakers, sessions in 4–5 thematic areas, round table discussions, and poster presentations.
The conference will be hybrid allowing also on-line participation.

The conference focuses on all types of transport including roads, railroads, powerlines, inland navigation or pipelines. Main thematic areas will focus on the following:

  1. Future challenges and opportunities  - maintaining ecological connectivity as a basis for  future transport   (connectivity between Natura 2000 sites as a priority)
  2. Innovative mitigation measures to avoid, reduce or compensate for negative impacts of transport infrastructure
  3. Research, innovation and monitoring as a way to increase the effectiveness of implemented mitigation measures
  4. Education, awareness raising and capacity building - a basic condition for coping with the new challenges

Monday, Sept. 9 – meetings of IENE Working Groups, opening session, welcome drink

Tuesday, Sept. 10 – discussions in plenary and thematic sessions, IENE General Assembly

Wednesday, Sept. 11 – field excursions

Thursday, Sept. 12 – discussions in plenary and thematic sessions, social event with dinner and presentation of IENE awards

Friday, Sept. 13 – discussions in plenary and thematic sessions, closure of the conference

IENE 2024 Organizers

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic
IENE 2024


Transport Research Centre
HBH Projekt - consulting engineers
Ředitelství silnic a dálnic ČR
Ochrana dravcov na Slovensku