About the IENE conferences

IENE (Infrastructure & Ecology Network Europe) is a global network that promotes knowledge sharing for safe, sustainable and biodiversity-friendly pan-European transport infrastructure.

Every second year IENE arranges an international conference on biodiversity and transportation. This event addresses a wide international audience and encompasses a broad spectrum of topics. IENE conferences span over 3–5 days, including field excursions, lectures, poster sessions, short workshops and trainings. Conference language is English.

The conferences provide an interdisciplinary forum for exchanges of current research, knowledge and practical experience between scientists, practitioners, policymakers as well as between the sectors of biodiversity and transport.

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Biodiversity in the Headlight of Future Transport

is the main topic of the IENE 2024 Conference held in Prague on September 9–13, 2024.

We are living in rapidly changing world, in the world of expanding new technologies and growing demands on mobility as well as increasing volumes of freight and goods transport, and energy transfer. Challenges from dual crises of climate change and biodiversity loss makes the transportation sector even more challenging than ever. These challenges will further develop and we need to start thinking about modern solutions on how to deal with the conflict between transportation and connectivity for wildlife. The Prague conference in September 2024 will focus just on these pressing new issues that will shape our lives in the future. Prague conference is just the beginning for future solutions.

The conference will be hybrid allowing also on-line participation.

IENE 2024 Organizers

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic
IENE 2024


Transport Research Centre
HBH Projekt - consulting engineers
Ředitelství silnic a dálnic ČR
Ochrana dravcov na Slovensku